How to Discuss Financial Matters with Your Parents

All adults should have a will and a final plan in place when they enter adulthood. At the very least, these things should be in place when a major life event, such as a marriage, birth of a child or receiving an inheritance has occurred. Part of being an adult also means learning how to […]

How You can Help Your Grandchildren with the Rising Cost of Education

Modern families find themselves stretched to the limit. Many people don’t have company pension plans to fund retirement, and so it becomes even more imperative to make smart choices about money when they are raising families. Saving for their children’s education and retirement at the same time may be more challenging in the years to […]

Take the Summer Shape Up Quiz and See How Your Finances Rate

This Summer Shape Up Quiz is very simple. Answer “Yes” or “No” to each of the following statements. Keep track of your answers to find out how whether you are in good shape financially or if your money management skills could use some work.

Going on Summer Vacation? Don’t Forget your Travel and Life Insurance Needs

The Victoria Day holiday is the unofficial start to summer. Many of us look forward to taking some time off to spend with family and friends. If you are fortunate enough to have a trip scheduled for this year, don’t neglect your travel and life insurance when you make plans for your getaway.

Is Your Marriage Ready for Retirement?

Ideally, the road to getting your marriage ready for retirement will start the day you and your spouse say take your vows. However, for most people, retirement is not at the top of the list when they embark on married life. With sound financial planning and good communication, a couple can successfully navigate this major […]

What if You Have Different Retirement Planning Goals?

If you are on your second marriage or married late in life, keeping your finances separate seemed like the sensible thing to do. The basic costs, such as the mortgage, utilities, taxes and insurance were split 50/50. You took care of your own personal needs and lifestyle costs. You have your own savings and retirement […]

Cut Your Tax Bill for Next Year by Sharing Your Pension

Now that the 2013 tax season is just about finished and either have submitted or are in the process of preparing your return, are you happy the result? No one wants to overpay when it comes to income taxes. You may be able to cut your tax bill for next year by sharing your pension. […]

Your Home Equity May Not Be Enough to Fund Your Retirement. Why It Makes Sense to Diversity

Many people, especially people living in major cities where the price of real estate is quite high, see their homes as an important asset. Owning a home is one of the most important purchases we make, but you don’t want to make the mistake of thinking of the place where you live in the […]

Can You Save for Retirement and Help your Adult Children Too?

When children are grown up, parents provide food, shelter, and the resources they need to grow up to be responsible adults. We assume that our children will grow up, leave the nest and strike out on their own at some point. They will finish their education, establish their own families and we’ll have a quieter, […]

Why You Should Introduce Your Adult Children to Your Financial Advisor

Even though we have become more open about many subjects, the topic of money is one that many of us find difficult to discuss, even when our children have grown up. You should introduce your adult children to your financial advisor once you have established a good working relationship. It will benefit all of you.