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    7 Aspects of Your Family Money Situation You Need to Get Control of Now

7 Aspects of Your Family Money Situation You Need to Get Control of Now

Are you in charge or just muddling along when it comes to the family finances? With busy lives, household chores are often divided up to help families muddle through the chaos of daily life. It is not uncommon for one partner in a relationship to manage the day to day household spending, savings and other […]

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    It’s 2014: What Should Be on Your Financial “Must-Do” List?

It’s 2014: What Should Be on Your Financial “Must-Do” List?

Do you want to improve your financial health in 2014? Start by ensuring these three essentials are in place.
Your Financial Must Do List for 2014
1. Update your Will

It is important that everyone have an up-to-date Will and one that is properly drafted by a professional. This is especially important if you have young children. […]

New Year: New Financial Resolution for 2014

The No. 1 New Year’s resolution people will make for2014 is to get out of debt. (Losing weight is No. 2 and getting more exercise comes in at No. 3.) As most of us already know through our own experience, when it comes to resolutions, more often than not we tend to start off with […]

Why Everyone Needs to Have a Proper Estate Plan

Having a will is important regardless of your age or financial situation. You need to let others know what you want to happen to your personal and financial belongings after your death. Often the misconception is that someone needs to have a large estate to consider estate planning. Nothing could be further from the truth. […]

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    Want to Give Your Kids a Gift to Last? Teach them these 5 Principles About Money

Want to Give Your Kids a Gift to Last? Teach them these 5 Principles About Money

In this Holiday Season, you are no doubt thinking about finding the perfect gifts for your children. Whether you know it or not, you are teaching your kids every day about the value of money by how you spend it, save it, invest it or waste it. By giving them a good example of how […]

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Are You Single? Get Smart About Retirement Planning!

Lifestyle planning in retirement may be a bit easier when there is only one of you. It’s very simple to create a bucket list for exactly what you’d like to do during retirement. There are no arguments if you decide that travel just isn’t for you – or if travel means spending a month in […]

Thinking of Early Retirement? Avoid these Common Pitfalls

So you made the life-changing decision to retire sooner than you had originally planned. Congratulations! You are counting down the minutes until you pack up the office and head for the door, and are no doubt looking forward to your new life away from the daily grind. But before you say goodbye to your coworkers […]

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What Happens to My Retirement Plans if My Spouse Dies?

When you’re planning for your retirement years, one of the areas that people often overlook is how this picture might change if either you or your spouse should die. This is an especially important consideration if you’re a women, as women still live longer than men. Rather than enter retirement planning with blinders on, it’s […]

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Why Save for Retirement? I’ll Have my Inheritance

If you’re counting on inheriting your way to your dream retirement, you may want to rethink this scenario. Most beneficiaries think that they will be receiving a large chunk of money, in reality it may not be as big as they were expecting. Here’s some sound advice to keep in mind: Until you actually get […]

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Retirement Costs More than Most People Estimate

How much income do you think you will need to have in retirement to enjoy the same lifestyle you have now? Do you think you could live comfortably on 60 or 70 percent of what you are currently making? While some of your expenses will be lower, retirement costs more than most people realize when […]

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