Do you Need Life Insurance After Retirement?

Life insurance may be something on your list of things you think you could cut from your budget soon after you retire. If you think of this financial product as something that only has value during your working life, you may need to take another look at it. You may find that you still need […]

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Are you Dreading Retirement? When your Identity is Tied to your Job

Retirement is supposed to be the Golden Years. We work hard and sock away a portion of our earnings for years so that we can relax and enjoy the fruits of our labours. Since Canadians are enjoying longer, healthier lives, we can expect to live longer and better in retirement. Not everyone is looking forward […]

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What to Do with Your Income Tax Refund: Spend, Save, Pay Off Debt or Invest?

Do you remember the good old days when spending our tax refund as soon as we received it wasn’t such a big deal? The job market was stable, house values seemed to be on a never-ending climb and the stock market was booming. We are now a lot more cautious about our spending habits and […]

Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes When Updating your Estate Plan

No one wants to dwell on a topic like their own demise, but it is one that needs to be discussed as part of your overall financial plan. How do you want your assets divided when you pass on? It’s a complicated issue, and one that you will need to think about carefully. The worst […]

Is your Marriage Ready for Retirement?

Ideally, the road to a secure retirement starts the day you and your spouse exchange wedding vows. However, for most people, retirement is not at the top of the list when they embark on married life. With sound financial planning and good communication, you can look forward to  your Golden Years together, secure in the […]

3 Steps to Early Retirement: What You Need to Do To Make it Happen

If most people had their choice, they would prefer to retire before age 65 or while they can enjoy their free time. Unfortunately, not a lot of them are preparing financially for it. If your goal is early retirement, you need to start planning to make it work financially. You may need to save more, […]

Financial Planning Checkup Time: What to Ask your Advisor

Last time we talked about the 5 questions you should be asking when talking to financial advisors to determine their ability to manage your family’s financial affairs. Now that you have a financial advisor, its time for a financial planning checkup: What questions should you ask to find out whether the two of you are […]

How Well Do You Know your Financial Advisor? 5 Questions You Should Ask

How do you choose the right person to guide you in financial matters? Since the person you choose will be privy to some very personal information, you need to ask the right questions before you start a relationship with them. Don’t hesitate to interview a prospective advisor and get a feel for that person’s style […]

Considering an RRSP Loan? 8 Reasons Why it may Work for You

The RRSP deadline for the 2015 tax year is approaching quickly. If you have not made your contribution for the year or you want to catch up on your unused contribution room, you may want to consider taking out an RRSP loan. This strategy can help to maximize your contribution and give the funds […]

5 More RRSP Pitfalls to Avoid in 2016

  Last time, we talked about the 5 RRSP pitfalls that can keep you from getting the maximum benefit from your savings. They aren’t the only ones you need to be concerned with when making decisions about how to plan for a secure future. Making a simple error now can have far-reaching consequences in years […]