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What You Should Know About Retiring in Debt

While the ideal situation would be for all Canadians to be able to retire debt-free, a CIBC poll conducted in July 2012 found that nearly 60 percent of retired Canadians have some debt. Retired Canadians may hold less debt than people who are still in the workforce, but the more debt that you carry in […]

Is Age 65 the New 40?

At one point, we stopped working at age 65 and lived out our few remaining years in leisure (if we were one of the lucky ones who lived past 65). If you are 65 or older today, living to age 80 is not unrealistic. Have you given much thought to how you plan to spending […]

Women and Retirement Planning: Taking it One Step Further

  For the most part, women look forward to retirement as a complete lifestyle change. We may picture spending more of our time babysitting the grandkids or volunteering for organizations we care deeply about. Some of us may decide to take up a completely different type of employment or start our own business.