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4 Tips for Reducing your Debt

In last week’s post, I invited you to take our Summer Shape-up Quiz. How did you do? Were you surprised by your score? If you answered that you are having difficulty making enough to cover your bills or that you aren’t able to save for emergencies or unexpected costs, you aren’t alone. Many people fall […]

What is your Financial Fitness Score? Take our Summer Shape-up Quiz!

As Canadians, we are living longer. It’s also important to live well, and our financial fitness is important, too. It has a definite impact on our physical health, since feeling stressed about money matters can lead to anxiety and depression. It can also mean that we don’t make the best choices about diet and skip […]

10 Retirement Planning Lessons you Need to Know Right Now

Peter and Christine both retired early from very high-stress careers and moved to the Gulf Islands. Through years of hard work, they have a good government pension and decent RRSP savings. Would you like your future to look like theirs? Consider these retirement planning lessons, and start putting them into practice now.