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Cost of Higher Education: How Grandparents Can Help Grandkids Pay for School

Modern families are finding it more difficult to afford to pay for daily living expenses, much less extras. They can no longer rely on company pension plans to fund retirement, and must make smart money choices when they are raising their families. Saving for their children’s education and retirement at the same time will likely […]

Retirement Planning for Women: The Need to Take Things One Step Further

  Source Most women embrace want to look forward to retirement as a complete lifestyle change. We may spend more of our time babysitting the grandkids or volunteering for organizations we care deeply about. For some of us, this is a time to take up a completely different type of employment or start our own […]

Should you Delay Old Age Security Benefits to Age 67?

The federal election is still several months away, but Old Age Security (OAS) benefits are making news recently. The federal government had announced changes to the plan: Starting in 2023, the age for receiving this pension will increase from 65 to 67. Another change to the rules means that Canadians who opt to start receiving […]