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Generation Y: How you Can Help Your Kids and Grandkids Survive Financially

If it seems that there is constant negative press about Generation Y and its ability to survive in today’s economy, you’re right. It’s a lot tougher out today for young people to make it financially. Tuition fees are extraordinarily high and continue to climb. Home prices in the Lower Mainland are pretty much unaffordable for […]

  • Two Different Retirement Planning Goals in Your Household: What to Do

Two Different Retirement Planning Goals in Your Household: What to Do

If you have married later in life or for the second time, keeping your finances separate seemed the sensible thing to do. The basic costs such as the mortgage, utilities, taxes and insurances were split 50/50. You took care of your own personal needs and lifestyle costs. You each have your own savings and retirement […]

Living Single in Retirement: A Planning Guide

Lifestyle planning in retirement may be a bit easier when there is only one of you. It’s very simple to create a bucket list for exactly what you’d like to do during retirement. There are no arguments if you decide that travel just isn’t for you – or if travel means a month in Italy […]